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Meet Stacey



I am a visual artist and creator of, an online gallery representing Calgary Artists. Based in Calgary, Alberta, the business was launched in 2014 and I began the rediscovery of my creativity in 2016. My style/medium emerged from a fairly dark time dealing with depression and anxiety, where art became my therapy and a way to express my feelings and illustrate my experiences. I began to develop this style of hand painting fragile, imperfect pieces of paper, and then attach those pieces to sturdy canvas or wood panel. I also believe this to be a direct illustration of the exceptional durability of a human’s ability to persevere and fight through.

Working through these pieces, I experience a variety of emotions and increased appreciation for the human spirit. I hope that my work and the work of the artists I represent will bring you that gift as well. That you have the chance to fall in one with one or more and if not, that they will make you think

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