Handsome Alice Theatre

We are continually wowed by the talented artists who collaborate under the roof of Loft 112. One of the organizations that makes use of Loft 112’s welcome and inclusive community space is Handsome Alice Theatre.

We talked to Kate Newby, artistic producer, to learn more about Handsome Alice Theatre. When Kate Newby joined the company in 2015, a rebrand was one of her first priorities, with the goal of breathing fresh life into the company. Formerly Urban Curvz, Handsome Alice Theatre’s updated tagline is to “unleash the female voice.”

The company has continued to stay true to their mission, and supports female perspectives through artist and community performances, theatre productions, theatre workshops, and community events.

Tell us more about how Handsome Alice Theatre supports and showcases female artists.

Our theatre productions consist of 80 per cent female and 20 per cent male theatre makers. We support the work of female technicians, dramaturges, writers, administrators, designers and directors.

You can also see our Virago Project on our website. The images taken by photographer Tim Nguyen celebrate the fierce strength and individual traits of Calgary’s female theatre makers. To date, we’ve created 50 images that can be found on handsomealice.com.

What are some of the projects you’re proud of?

Every single production we produce! We are a company dedicated to producing theatre that has a strong artistic aesthetic, and our aim is to support the extraordinary artistic strength of Calgary’s theatre makers.

What can we look forward to next from Handsome Alice Theatre?

We are starting inVISIBLE, which will be presented in the spring of 2017. It’s a collaboration between theatre artists, Mount Royal University students, and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre about what it means to be human in the 21st century from a female perspective.

What are the successes you're proud of?

Because of the strength of our artists and productions, we are rapidly growing an audience.

What is some of the positive feedback you receive?

We have received tremendous support from the artists in our community and extremely positive feedback from audiences who have attended our last two productions under the new brand. The work we create is challenging work for both the artist and the audience. This is an exciting time at Handsome Alice as we continue to push the envelope artistically.

How are you connected to Loft 112?

We hold our bi-monthly Artist Salons at Loft 112. The Artist Salons bring together theatre makers to share projects, network, and discuss key issues associated with theatre creation.

How was Loft 112 been useful to you?

It’s an intimate, funky and welcoming setting and one of the few places in Calgary that supports artists at an affordable cost.

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