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Night Writer Q & A

Loft 112 opens its doors to aspiring writers for Night Writer, an evening that provides the opportunity for writers to sit down and work quietly or share their work and collaborate with other writers.

Night Writer is facilitated by Gina Freeman, a writer, comedian and bioethicist. She regularly writes and performs with "Late Night at the Plaza” (a variety and talk show based out of the Plaza Theatre) and "Yeah What She Said" (CJSW’s feminist radio program). Last year, she co-wrote, produced and starred in her first play, “Mark Twain in the Year 3000 vs. Einstein Through Time,” which debuted at the Montreal Fringe Festival.

We spoke to Gina on what you can expect from Night Writer.

What is Night Writer?

It’s a comfortable space with couches where you can drink a beer or a cup of tea and work on your projects. It’s a safe place away from home that’s free of distractions like laundry or dishes. You can choose to work independently, or read your work out loud and discuss ideas.

How did Night Writer start?

I live in the East Village close to Loft 112, and while walking to work and back home every day, I took note of the building and was intrigued by the idea of a literary space. One day I saw Lisa inside the building. I strolled inside and she told me about Loft 112 and mentioned they’re always looking for volunteers. We chatted and I had a few different ideas. When I was living in Montreal I facilitated a women’s writing group called LABIA (Ladies Being Intelligent Association), and we eventually came up with the idea of a writing group open to anyone.

Who should come to Night Writer?

Anyone that has a project that they want help getting finished. This help could be in the form of us giving you a kick in the pants to keep you accountable on your progress, or the opportunity to let you work quietly. If you have a project let us know, we’ll see what we can do to help you! We’ve also had visual artists come in who needed a block of time to work on their art. For myself, I really enjoy having two hours set aside for my projects.

What’s your favourite part of Night Writer?

I enjoy seeing someone come in again and again and seeing their progress on a project. I love seeing their work go from a first draft to a finished piece ready for publication. We have writers who’ve been with us for months, and it’s exciting when the work I’ve read from a really early draft makes it to publication. I love sharing that with other writers, especially if they’ve never published anything. It shows you that it can happen, you just have to keep working!

Night Writer usually takes place on Wednesday nights at Loft 112 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Check the schedule for details.

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