Writer in Residence Loft on EIGHTH

Meet Igpy 

Loft 112's Writer-in-Residence, Igpy is a well-meaning rabblerouser and celebrated glitter advocate who's lived in the modest shadow of Nose Hill for 93% of their life. She has three degrees, one cat, and over eight years of editing experience. Their commitment issues extend to her pronouns.


Likes: sparkly things, bees, baking, blanket forts, meeting dogs. Dislikes: injustice, food that has swelled with dishwater, holes in the toes of tights, people who blame politicians who were elected because of financial crises for the financial crises they inherited.


Contact them to submit your work for Inner City Stories and/or Long Lunch Quick Reads, and find her on Instagram and Twitter @igpykin, or at their infrequently updated website, www.igpykin.com.