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Why tickets?


In spite of our province opening up, we want to ensure a safe experience at Loft 112. We will continue to clean between guests and we urge you to come with a mask so that our events can be enjoyed and remain safe.


We will ticket our events to keep our numbers manageable so you can come with your cohort, enjoy the art and whatever else this Fall will bring but not feel like you will be rubbing shoulders and sharing airspace with too many strangers.


We hope this brings you art and poetry and some feeling of confidence in Loft 112. 


Each $5 ticket helps keep our doors open and in return you will enjoy art on the walls, our Boxed Stories Gallery and our Missing you Monday Travelling Books.

Loft 112 will showcase various art projects/shows at one time in the Creative Hive space:


The Boxed Story Gallery (30 artists and writers) until December 2021

POPSICLE V - the art of the Hajnoczky Family


DIVERGENT - the art of Mary-Jo Lough

Missing You Monday travelling artist/writer book (52 artists)

Loft 112 Regular Hours:

Thursday-Friday 4-7pm

Sunday noon-4pm