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Thanks to Covid-19, Loft 112 has had to make some adjustments in order to reopen to showcase the work of our community AND observe the safety protocol. Please note: Despite the recent mask bylaw being rescinded, the Loft will still go ahead with masks and hand sanitizer at least until the end of July 2021. Our windows and doors will be open, —weather permitting— and clean up on the regular with bleach, soap and water.

Loft 112 will showcase various art projects/shows at one time in the Creative Hive space:


The Boxed Story Gallery (30 artists and writers) until December 2021


The Courage Journey exhibition features artwork from WP Puppet Theatre Society’s the VIEW from the Inside program. It was originally curated by The Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX) and toured throughout Alberta for two years.

VIEW is an award-winning program that invites participants to explore their creativity in a friendly, supportive community. In the 8-week course a self- portrait- based puppet is completed, which becomes a nuanced artifact resulting in an amazing legacy project!

6FTCLOSERYYC until July 30th


Stay-at-home orders and regulations that required us to keep our distance gave rise to a range of feelings and perspectives outside the norm on both the individual and community level. Everyone dealt with and continues to deal with these factors differently, but everyone can benefit from an outlet. Art’s an outlet; one with few (if any) barriers to entry. This is where the idea of 6ftCloserYYC was born, in hopes to provide an outlet and allow all participants to chase their own creative catharsis: perhaps one of the better side-effects of Covid-19. 6ftCloserYYC exists to promote and spotlight art as a silver lining of this less than shiny reality. 

The 6ftCloserYYC team is so excited to showcase a small selection of 6ftCloserYYC pieces at Loft 112 this July. We could not be more thankful for the opportunity to fill the space from top to bottom with the unbelievable pieces our participants have created. The 6ftCloserYYC creators filled each of our 6ft pieces of blank canvas with such care, detail, and true brilliance. We continue to be in complete awe of each piece that is completed and can’t wait to get them on walls for the people of Calgary to see. Come one, come all to reflect on the 6 feet of space that took space in each of our lives, and in our experience brought connection through art.

Missing You Monday travelling artist/writer book (52 artists)

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