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Thanks to Covid-19, Loft 112 has had to make some adjustments in order to reopen to showcase the work of our community AND observe the safety protocol. Please note: All of this will happen with masks, hand sanitizer, windows and doors open, —weather permitting— and clean up on the regular with bleach, soap and water.

Loft 112 will showcase 3 art projects/shows at one time in the Creative Hive space:


The Boxed Story Gallery (30 artists and writers) until December 2021

Missing You Monday travelling artist/writer book (52 artists)

NEW FORUM MONTH! magazine launch, 'Exquisite Cadaver' Art Show and Workshops

In order to attend and enjoy these events, you MUST pre-book a one hour ticket as we must limit our viewing numbers to 5 people per hour.

To book: Choose the link for either weekdays, or weekends and then click on the date you want to come. Then, choose the time slot you wish to attend and order the number of tickets you would like. That's it!

Loft 112 Regular Hours:

Tues-Friday 4-7pm

Saturday & Sunday noon-4pm

Mondays CLOSED