October.November.December 2014
  • Loft 112 Open Doors
    Mondays noon to 4pm
    Leave your home, the busyness of a coffee shop and try writing at Loft 112. The space is well lit, the chairs comfortable, the coffee and tea available! Host Katrein Rhurmland will be available to open the doors of the Loft 112 for this writing/co-working time. 

  • Night Writer!
    Wednesday Evenings 7-9pm
    Write at the Loft Wednesday nights with host Gina Freeman, a Calgary-based writer, comedian and bioethicist. 

  • Monday Night Writing Group (private)
    Monday November 1 &17, December 1, 2014 January 12 & 28 2015
    Loft 112 is a dandy place for writing groups to meet and critique. 

  • East Village Writes
    Thursdays 10:30am - noon
    Community is important to us at Loft 112. So is writing. Join us Thursday mornings to create an East Village community of writers. Learn to write your life story. Or try your hand at fiction or poetry. This session is open ended and free. Come as often or as little as you like. Bring, pen, paper or anything you like to write with. Coffee, tea (and paper provided.)

  • Patchwork Poetics Writing Group
    6 SUNDAYS November 2, 9, 16 23 & 30 11am -1pm
    We're running the second round of Patchwork Poetics, and we're THRILLED to be working with Loft 112 - an accessible, local workshop space just a few blocks from the C-Train.

    Each successive round of Patchwork, now heading into our fifth, has been fantastic - we've produced a significant amount of writing, spent time learning self-care for writers and developing sustainable writing habits. Each round is a new experience, and I am so excited to continue offering this support to Calgary's QUILTBAG community. I can't wait to do it again! 

    The fifth round of Patchwork starts on October 19, and will run for seven weeks with six meetings. And, repeating the theme at the request of our writers, we will be focusing on poetry writing! (As always, you are welcome to write in whatever genre and form feels best for you, but our prompts will be geared towards poetry this time 'round.)

    This is a closed writing group, limited to 8 participants. Register early to ensure your spot. If you miss this round, don't worry! Patchwork will be running regularly throughout the year.

    This writing group is open to any member of the QUILTBAG (Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans*, Bisexual, Asexual/Allies, Genderqueer/Gay), and focuses on writing exercises for both fiction and non-fiction writers. Ideal for exploring orientation, identity, fantasy, history and desire. Patchwork is open to writers who only write at the group, as well as creating a safe space within which to submit existing and polished work to the group for balanced feedback. No previous writing experience is required, and no writer is ever obligated or expected to share their work with the group. Writing exercises are suitable for new or experienced writers, and provide opportunities for scene and character workshopping for fiction writers, and facilitated memoir or autobiographical writing for non-fiction writers.

    Patchwork runs for 6 weeks at a time and is open to new or returning members. The group meets from 11 am - 1 pm at Loft 112.

    Pay-what-you-can, $75 suggested.

  • LIterature and Flavour Classes
    Literature and Flavour Classes (5) Tuesdays noon-1:30 November 4, 11, 18
    Closeup Tomatoes
    Get a taste of the literature and food of Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries in these classes put on by Quiroza Academy
    Class one: The origin of the specie: cinnamon, clove, cominnun, pepper,etc
    Place: Islas ( Zanzibar, Unguja, Pembra, Marfia,)
    Writer: Doris Lessing  ( 22 Oct 1919-17 Nov 2013 She born in kermanshah, Iran Old Persia) Prize Literature Novel 2007.
    Class Two: Traditional Mexican Dish the Pozol
    Place: Jalisco, Mexican province.
    Writer: Juan Rulfo (16 May 1917-7 January 1986) Photographer, Book the valley in fire. 
    Class Three: Multicolur Mexican Tostadas
    Place: Oaxaca, Mexican Province.
    Writer: Andres Henestrosa ( IXhuatan Oxaca, 30 Nov 1906-January 10, 2008)
    Class four: Delicios Chiles Rellenos
    Place:Puebla, Mexican Province.
    Writer: Angeles Mastretta (puebla,16 May 1949-
    Books: Take me life,
    Class five: fresch and autentic mexican saladas and souces
    Plac: Zacatecas, Mexican Province.
    Writer: Manuel Ramos Montes ( Zacatecas 1981-
    Youth Writer with various prizes.
    MORE INFORMATION 403-770-2458 403-397-4969

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  • RE:act All Souls' Day +15 Poetry Shuffle
    November 2, 2014 1 pm-5pm
    Join the RE:act literary collective for its second annual Poetry Shuffle (because poets don't run or walk, and only occasionally saunter). 
    Last year's river path Shuffle was a big success- this year, as the event is at an unpredictable climatic juncture, the Shuffle is happening in the warmth of the downtown Plus 15 system. We'll amble from parkade to office tower, mall food floor to stock exchange in the warmth and comfort of hamster cage amusement tubes. 
    Poets will be reading pieces related to life in the city's core, money, work, winter, and of course, being All Souls' Day, there will poems on Death (i.e. Rebirth as the tarot card readers always tell you). 
    Perhaps there will even be a few zombies shuffling ... 
    SIGN UP TO READ! (Private message the hosts, Kris and Dymphny.)
    Poets young and youth-challenged, professional and budding will participate, and while there are many poets already scheduled to read, including Diane Guichon, Dymphny Dronyk and Kris Demeanor, we want the Shuffle to be a chance for Calgary poets to meet, hang out and share work, so are compiling a list of interested parties and will let you know where on the route you will be reading closer to the day. 
    Express interest by sending Kris or Dymphny a private message and we will make every effort to add you to the roster! Shuffle will end at Loft 112!

  • Afghanistan Confessions Book Launch
    Tuesday, October 4 7:30pm
    Victor Enns to launch his 5th book of poetry, Afghanistan Confessions, poems in the voices of Canadian soldiers.

  • Write Club Weekend Marathon #2
    November 8 & 9 2014
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    Stay tuned for the details!

  • The WordsWorth Creative Youth Residency 2014 Documentary launch
    November 13, 2014 5:30-8:30pm
    This Documentary is 90 minutes of friendship, sharing, and humor exploring what makes WordsWorth such an amazing and unique place for young writers and creators. It showcases performances, classes, as well as the hilarity and community of the extra-curricular activities from Death Polo to Campfire, and more. Come and join us in remembering a great summer.
    The DVD will be on sale at the event for $10.00. If you wish to buy one at either the documentary launch or the WordsWorth anthology launch send Kim Firmston an e-mail and she'll reserve one for you to pick up (
    For those of you who can't make it to any of the launches the DVD is also available online for $15.00 (the extra cost covers shipping and handling) and you can order it through Kim's Sweet Shop. This site also has a commercial of the documentary if you want a taste of what it's about. 
    Edited by Kim Firmston
    90 minutes of WordsWorth memories
    and 6 bonus performances including:
    Jay Lewis' Here We Are 
    Rainy Day Fun by Amy Parkinson and Ellija Fithern-Stiele
    Sam Pelkey's The World Can't Stop Me Now 
    Things You'd Only Hear at WordsWorth by Elizabeth Findlay and Bridget Harms
    and Both of Kim Firmston's bedtime stories (with pictures)

  • Claire Lacey / nathan dueck / Sonja Greckol.
    November 14, 2014 7:30-9:00
    Nathan, Claire Sonja.jpg
    Readings by Claire Lacey / nathan dueck / Sonja Greckol.

    Join us to hear Toronto's Sonja Greckol read from *Skein of Days,* "a pulsing autobiography, or, better, a bioautography" (Pedlar Press, 2014). Grekol will read alongside nathan dueck, whose *he'll* appeared this year with Pedlar Press, & Claire Lacey, whose *Twin Tongues* (Invisible Press, 2013) won the 2013 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry

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  • MRU Department of Interior Design (private Booking)
    November 15, 2014 all day
    This is a private event

  • WGA Monthly Teen Writing Group
    Sunday November 16, 2:30-5pm
    The Writers’ Guild of Alberta offers a Teen Writing Group that meets every month (Sept through June) in Calgary and is mentored by Lisa Murphy-Lamb. The group is FREE to join with the purpose of uniting teens interested in pursuing the craft of writing in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

  • Creative Nonfiction Collective Cabaret
    November 22 from 7 - 10 pm
    Featuring Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail who will be reading from her new book, "Polar Winds: A Century of Flying the North" And, Peter Midgley will be reading from his new book, "Counting Teeth: A Namibian Story". Dale Lee Kwong will be our wonderful emcee.

  • filling Station Fundraiser
    November 27, 2014 Evening
    filling Station Logo Filled In.jpg
    Watch for Details!

  • Re:Act Society Holiday Party
    Thursday, December 11, 2014 Evening
    medium 1 REACTlogo_N27.png
    Watch for details

  • Youth Open Mic and Book Launch
    December 12, 2014 1-3pm
    Details to come

  • MRU Department of Interior Design (private Booking)

  • Loft 112 Open Doors